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Bill Quick

It’s Not Over Until The Liberal Republicans Win

Let me remind you of a few things:

A-Romney was a terrible candidate

B-You can say, “but he was right about Obama”. Yes and so was everyone on this blog. It’s not a really impressive thing.

C-The whole idea of, “if the election were held today he’d win” is meaningless. It’s not going to be held today for starters and just about any Republican would have as much of a shot in this hypothetical rematch as Romney.

D-He was untrustworthy on almost every issue.

That Romney would be better than Obama is a useless metric. So would just about any jackass off the street. Personally, I’d give the random jackass a better chance of winning simply because I know for a fact what a terrible candidate Romney is.

George W. Bush won two terms as President and he’s been as quiet as a church mouse for going on 6 years. Mitt Romney got his ass kicked in one election and he can’t keep his shut. Advantage: Bush.

Well, Bush only won the popular vote once out of those two elections, and barely beat an arguable traitor whose campaign skills resembled those of Lurch, so maybe he knows what he’s doing by keeping a low profile.

Mittens Romneycare, on the other hand, encapsulates just about every damned thing wrong with the GOP in its current state.  So naturally he’s being elevated to the status of Grand Old Man of the Grand Old Party.


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