Boehner Out to Murder the GOP
Bill Quick

Boehner reassures GOP donors: I’m “hellbent” on passing immigration reform this year « Hot Air

A big gamble if true, but not a crazy one. He’s betting that nothing the GOP does, up to and including amnesty, will enrage grassroots conservatives so much that they’re likely to stay home in protest in November because of it. Anger at ObamaCare trumps all. When the dust settles, after a week or two of talk radio calling Boehner a traitor for passing an immigration bill and vowing to go third party, everyone will swallow hard and decide that they have no choice but to vote for the GOP anyway in the name of stopping O-Care. The redder the Senate turns next year, the greater the odds of repeal in 2017. Although if they’d sell you out on immigration, I’m not sure why you’d think they won’t sell you out on that too when the time comes.

As much as I suspect an immigration deal under these circumstances will inevitably be terrible, I also think Boehner’s bet is a shrewd one. In fact, I’ll place a bet of my own: If they pass something along the lines of the Gang of Eight bill and I end up writing a bunch of posts in October exhorting people to boycott the midterms because of it, some commenters will be calling me a traitor.

For once, though, I won’t be one of them.

If Boehner pushes this through before the elections this year, I’ll stay home.  The hell with it.  He’s signaling that he’d rather destroy the GOP by handing 12-20 million new votes to the Democrats to placate his big money deep pockets donors, and my signal in response will be:  Fine.  I’ll help you destroy it.  Starting this fall.

Because in the wake of Scamnesty, the GOP is the walking dead anyway.

Exit question:  Why don’t these big money GOP cronies move over to the Dems with the rest of their crowd?


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Boehner Out to Murder the GOP — 7 Comments

  1. He’s betting that nothing the GOP does, up to and including amnesty, will enrage grassroots conservatives so much that they’re likely to stay home in protest in November because of it.

    He’s dead wrong. If the GOP forces this shit pile onto this country, there won’t be any reason to go to the polls this fall. Or ever again, for that matter, because it will be game over.

          • I have plans for when things reach any of several trigger points. I encourage those with the personality and ability to take direct action to make plans. For everyone else, Starve the beast. Throw sand in the gears.

            • I’m not sure in this day and age of brazen extra-constitutional actions devolving into standard operating procedure we can starve the beast. Not enough revenues to support spending? Borrow. Unable to Borrow at rates that don’t compound to eternity and exceed your borrowing capacity? Have the Fed print money and finance the deficits by buying trillions of dollars of US Treasury and US Mortgage Backed Securities. Inflation beginning to heat up? Fake the inflation numbers. Fake inflation numbers becoming too obvious? That’s where we are now. So what’s the next step? Here’s some guesses: (1) alter tax exempt status of 401k’s and then tax “excess earned income” (2) then tax earned principle amounts in 401ks that are deemed “excessive” (3) then tax bank accounts (4) or force conversion of balances in retirement accounts, including 401k’s, IRA’s, ROTH, corporate pension funds, etc at artificially low rates of returns (ie artificially high prices) and finally (5) force shorter maturities to be refinanced at very long maturities as they mature ie as UST debt matures require rollover into new UST securities maturing 100 years from now and paying 0.25% interest per annum. Of course, interest would have to be reinvested in new UST securities, not paid in cash.

              Cyprus and Argentina are just two blueprints they can use. They probably have amoral rocket scientists working on this now to come up with ways to keep feeding the beast that I can’t even dream about now.

              Now that there are no constraints there is access to a vast amount of OPM they think they can take. Of course, unintended consequences will at some stage make even that impossible as the pie shrinks dramatically. They don’t think that far ahead if past is prologue.