They’re Going to Have to Start Holding Legislative Meetings In San Quentin At This Rate
Bill Quick

More Indictments Coming For the Yee/Shrimp Boy Gang Gun | Conservative Contacts

No surprise.  On the day Democrat Sen. Leland Yee and Shrimp Boy Chow were arrested on dozens on felony counts, I was on the Ray Appleton show, KMJ Fresno.  I predicted this was just the start of the indictments, expect more.  Now the FBI is confirming my prediction.

“U.S. Attorney Susan Badger told Senior U.S. District Judge Charles Breyer at a hearing Friday morning that the government “is anxious to start discovery.” But in a court filing on Thursday, the government said it plans to bring additional charges in a superseding indictment, which Badger says will be ready within 90 days.

“Of particular note, the government is continuing to pursue its investigation of RICO violations as well as additional substantive criminal violations,” the government said. The filing did not name which defendant will face the additional charges.”

By Mid-July expect more elected officials to join Wright, Yee and Calderon on a paid leave of absence.  Anybody surprised.  Remember, they are still investigation Darrell Steinberg and John Perez. (Perez for an entirely different cause of action).

Absolute power corrupts absolutely.  And the Democrats have been the absolute power in San Francisco and California for a good while now.


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