I Swear to Uphold State and Federal Laws, Even Though I’m An Admitted Criminal
Bill Quick

Florida Supreme Court Denies Law License to Illegal Alien | Top Right News

The absurdity of permitting foreigners violating immigration law to practice law was spelled out by Larry DeSha, a former prosecutor with the State Bar of California:

An illegal alien can’t say he is going to fulfill his duties as an attorney when one of those duties is to uphold all federal laws, when he’s here illegally. And no one can administer the oath to him knowing he’s going to be illegal the minute he puts his hand down. And the other thing is clients can’t pay him money. And any client who finds out that he is illegal has to fire him under federal law.”

Supporters of the rule of law can applaud the Sunshine State for not following the Sanctuary State down the rathole of immigration lawlessness. But they cannot rest for long.

Of course the California Supreme Court decided an identical case in exactly the opposite way.  Members of that court, however, must face reelection every once in a while, in one of the most leftwing states in the nation, and so California high justices tend to decide cases in line with the straight Marxist party line.



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I Swear to Uphold State and Federal Laws, Even Though I’m An Admitted Criminal — 1 Comment

  1. Gasp!!! Are you suggesting that the all-powerful, all-wise jurists and solons-from-the-bench might decide a case on political expediency or their own benefit, rather than the letter of the law and the facts of the case? Heresy! I hope you’re lawyered up, because that kind of slander does not get First Amendment protection.