Hillary Afraid White House Clown Show Will Poison Her Chance to Win in 2016?
Bill Quick

Hillary Clinton’s top 2016 worry is ‘Obama’s economy’ | New York Post

She’s said to think that former Florida ex-Gov. Jeb Bush, with his moderate-to-conservative track record and broad appeal to Hispanics, would be a difficult foe in a general election (even with that last name), but that Republican infighting might well produce a much weaker candidate, some­one who appeals to right-wing Tea Partiers and almost no one else.

Age is another cause for doubt: Clinton would be nearly 70 if she took office — but that’s still younger than Ronald Reagan when he took the oath, and 70 isn’t as old as it was then, either. (The new 60? 50?) Plus, despite rumors about health problems, people who know her say they believe Hillary is healthy enough to withstand the grind of campaigning.

No, apparently the big risk she sees is the potential taint of her old boss, President Obama.

This goes beyond the continued unpopularity of ObamaCare, even though she’s tied to that albatross not just by Democratic Party political realities by also by her push for a similarly unpopular health system during her husband’s presidency.

It even goes beyond the failures of Obama’s foreign policy — though of course Hillary, as his secretary of state for his first four years, also gets tainted not just by the Benghazi tragedy but the country’s weak standing throughout the world.

No: Her biggest fear, I’m told, is that the Obama economy gets even worse.

Lots of battlespace prep going on in this piece from some Fox yakker.  Hillary may not even run, and she’s scared of big, bad Jeb Bush, the Fox/Murdoch wet dream candidate for 2016.  (Roger Aisles is an old Bush hand).

I personally don’t think Hillary will end up running, either, unless B.J. convinces her to do so.  I know he wants to run – he thinks Obama is a clown show, (and he’s right).  He would also regard Hillary’s electon as a personal vindication, not to mention a chance to settle old, painful scores.

I think the most interesting twist in this piece is the notion that Hillary fears that Obama will so thoroughly destroy the economy (and probably otherwise screw everything up as well) to the point that no Democrat, even Billary, can win in such a poisonous atmosphere.  Something like the 2008 GOP campaign following the disastrous second term of GWB.

Or this could just be a ploy to put some breathing space between her and the well-creased empy suit at 1600 Pennsylvania.


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