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Teen caught urinating in reservoir – New York News

PORTLAND, Ore. (AP) — Once again, Portland officials are preparing to flush millions of gallons of treated water because a young person urinated into a city reservoir.

Water Bureau Administrator David Shaff said 38 million gallons will be discarded because a 19-year-old was caught in the act on Wednesday.

As a general proposition, human urine is sterile.

UPDATE:  A pal on FB wonders:  “Where do these idiots think wild animals pee?”   I guess that’s okay, though, because animal pee is natural.

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  1. Here’s another crazy frigging idea: don’t store treated water! Treat it as close as possible to use! (I don’t know how much that would cost compared to what they’re doing now, of course.)

    Also, geez, one whiz in a 38 megagallon lake? Only someone who believed in holistic medicine would be worried about that!

    • Exactly right, Rick C! The only reason to store treated water is for fire protection, since the water flows thru the normal mains and therefore must be treated. I don’t believe there is any cost benefit, and there is the loss of all this treated water.

      Having open storage like this is unsane — you risk contamination by wildlife, the inevitable aquatic creatures, and surface runoff into the reservoir.

    • Good heavens, you’re right!!@!!!11!

      If I understand homeopathy correctly (and I probably don’t, because I wasn’t dropped on my head enough times as a baby), the more you dilute the medicine, the stronger it gets. So if we dilute a pint of piss with 38,000,000 gallons … good heavens! Anyone who came within a hundred yards of that would be dissolved into his constituent atoms! They must flush that reservoir and then clean it with bleach, for the good of us all.

  2. If a guy can piss in it, then birds can crap in it. Human urine is drunk in may cultures, disgusting to my mind, but then I’m an igurnent murican.

    Given the amount of water there is available in Oregon, I suspect this is just a public relations stunt, either that, or they want to charge the young asswipe for damages, for which there aren’t any unless, they flush the damn lake.

    • Perhaps they’ll charge him like they did the previous miscreant:

      The man who urinated into Portland’s water supply in June 2011 eventually pleaded guilty to misuse of a reservoir and was sentenced to community service.

      Who could imagine such a law on the books?

      • …pleaded guilty to misuse of a reservoir

        Really? I mean, is that an actual charge? All legal-like, and everything?

        Seems like the least they could have done is charge him with “public urination”, or “indecent exposure”, or something like that, y’know?

        Yet another “Good grief!…” -


        …animal pee is natural.


        Imagine the Gubment-funded Study Grant required to properly establish that

      • Maybe – although I seem to recall seeing somewhere that he even avoided the use of ice in his drinks, primarily (allegedly) for the very same given reason. It was also said that he had rather – heh! – “liberal” views on the subject of bathing as an element of personal hygiene, although the supposed reason for that was that he feared and hated bathtubs…

  3. What would they do if they caught someone pissing in the Pacific. Empty it and start over again? Good grief, women, minorities and children swim in there and would be hardest hit.

    Then what are they going to do about Obama pissing all over our country and Constitution?