McArdle Looks On the Bright Side Of Naked Corruption
Bill Quick

Is Obama Cooking the Census Books for Obamacare? – Bloomberg View

I mean, I can certainly think of explanations, but I can’t quite bring myself to believe the worst of them. Which leaves me with the only slightly-less-utterly-appalling conclusion: At some point, very early on in the process, folks noticed that asking the new questions would make it difficult to compare Obamacare’s implementation year to prior years, and decided that assessing the effects of the transition wasn’t nearly as important as making urgent changes to … questions we’ve been asking basically the same way for a decade and a half.

Yeah, I can think of an explanation, too.  That the Obama administration has politically weaponized every agency it controls, from top to bottom, including the Census Bureau.  You know – the same guy you endorsed for President?

No wonder you’re having a problem swallowing the nakedly corrupt actions of the man you voted for.  If you are forced to admit just how awful he really is, it says a lot about your own intelligence, not to mention the credence we should place in your own analyses, right?

Oh well, you asked for him, you voted for him, you got him, so enjoy him.  Good and hard.

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  1. She can pretend to dislike some of policies (now that he’s safely re-elected) all she wants; I’m not convinced The Woman Ironically Formerly Known As Jane Galt wouldn’t vote for him a third time.