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The Orstrahyun: RIP AC/DC: 1973 – 2014, UPDATES ON MALCOLM YOUNG


Brothers Malcolm Young, George Young and Angus Young, 2012 (photo from Facebook)

AC/DC are ending their 41 year career on a terribly sad note.

Plans were underway for a new studio album, their first since 2008′s monumental Black Ice, and a ’40th Anniversary’ world tour, 40 huge shows across the globe.

More than a month ago, founding member, rhythm guitarist, co-producer and co-songwriter Malcolm Young had a stroke, which left a blood clot on his brain.

I just can’t get into geezer rock.  Watching grampies like this stumble around on stage while the audience, in walkers and attached oxygen bottles, tries to recreate the dance moves of their youth, reminds me too poignantly of my own mortality.  The one exception to this rule I made in recent years, for Bob Dylan, was such a disaster it only reinforced my distaste for this sort of dinosaur nostalgia.

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Give It A Rest, Gramps — 3 Comments

  1. The Rolling Stones came to the arena in Albany in 2005 or 2006. Several people in the office where I was consulting, all in their 40s or 50s, were super psyched up for the show and raved about it afterward. I saw and heard some clips of the show and can only conclude that the audience saw a different show than was recorded. Presumably they were filtering what they saw through a nostalgic haze, or maybe marijuana and alcohol were involved.

  2. I saw the Stones in 89 and 04 and it was plainly apparent that the 15 years had not been kind to them. Now that I’ve seen videos of the 72 tour I realize that even 25 years ago I was seeing the Stones already in decline.

    AC/DC did make a respectable swan song album in Black Ice. The Stones haven’t done anything album wise in 25 years. I saw AC/DC about 20 years ago in concert and they were still high energy rockers. Wouldn’t buy a ticket to them now though.

    Take care Malcolm and get well. The Heart at the Center of one of the great bands of Rock and Roll.