The Suicidal Fecklessness of Barack Obama
Bill Quick

NYT reporter: Pakistan has been our real enemy « Hot Air

The only question this leaves is why Pakistan agreed to cooperate with us at all, but perhaps having an angry George W. Bush as President at the time answers that question.

No, the only real question is why we let them get away with arming, financing, protecting, and using Muslim jihadi terrorists like the Taliban and al-Qaeda against us.  And the answer is simple:  Pakistan is a nuclear power.

So let’s go right ahead and permit Iran to achieve that status as well.  I mean, what could possibly go wrong?

(Also keep in mind that Saudi Arabia and Pakistan are close allies).

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  1. I believe we had an inkling Pokeyston wasn’t entirely on our side *before* they became a nuclear power, so the question is why didn’t we do something THEN? Maybe we should’ve invaded there instead of Iraq.