Dems Plan to Blame Kochs, Push Minimum Wage As Road to Victory This Fall
Bill Quick

Democrats settle on fairness issues hoping to avoid a repeat of 2010 midterm disaster – The Washington Post

On the defensive about their prospects in the midterm elections this fall, congressional Democrats have spent all of April savaging the Republican budget proposal, decrying the Koch brothers and championing a series of bills meant to ingratiate themselves to struggling middle-class voters.

In promoting legislation that would extend unemployment benefits, increase the minimum wage and promote equal pay for women, the Democrats have declared themselves the party that will ensure a “fair shot” for all.

So apparently the hapless Donks think the “middle class” needs unemployment benefits and increased minimum wages.  And considering what they’ve done to millions of (former) members of the middle class, they’re probably right.

I love the stink of lefty desperation in the morning.  It perks me right up.  That, and the smell of blood on the water.

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Bill Quick

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Dems Plan to Blame Kochs, Push Minimum Wage As Road to Victory This Fall — 1 Comment

  1. Speaking in my capacity as a middle-class voter, the one thing the Democrats could do that would ‘ingratiate them’ to me would be to stop supporting and enabling economic parasitism. Rich parasites, poor parasites, middle-class parasites — just stop it. That would garner my support really fast.

    Of course, the Republicans are just as guilty. Neither party wants to stop parasitism, because both parties are infested with parasites. The old joke about the etymology of politics (from the Greek ‘poly’, meaning ‘many’, and ‘ticks’, meaning ‘blood-sucking vermin) rings all too true.