Gun Free Zones Equal Free Fire Zones
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3 Dead After Suburban Kansas City Shooting |

OVERLAND PARK, Kan. (AP) — A man in his 70s opened fire Sunday outside of a Jewish community center and nearby retirement community, killing three people, authorities said.

It’s a good thing none of the citizens on the scene were carrying firearms suitable for self defense and the defense of others.  Somebody might have gotten hurt.

UPDATE: Kansas lawmakers to Johnson County: Shut up about gun control –

So long to the commonsense, local regulation of the killing machines in Prairie Village, Leawood, Shawnee, Overland Park or any other city that might want to do something that their local residents support when it comes to guns.

Instead, Kansas lawmakers told Johnson County and all of its cities that they can’t regulate the weapons anymore.

True, there’s still one more hurdle for the NRA to overcome: Get Gov. Sam Brownback to sign the bill.

Brownback hasn’t yet signed the bill that would permit folks in Overland Park (and elsewhere) to exercise their Constitutionally guaranteed right to keep and bear arms.  Overland Park permitted open carry back in 2012, but immediately after the ordinance took effect, gun control groups began to wage war on it.  It’s unclear just what the status of carry, whether concealed or open, is in Overland Park today, but it certainly is obvious that gun control didn’t stop a mass murder attempt.


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