Guess He’s Not a “Leading Scientist” Any More
Bill Quick

Factbox: U.N. issues guide to slow climate change – Yahoo News

(Reuters) – Following are main findings by the U.N.’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) in a report on Sunday saying that time is running out to keep global warming within agreed limits.

The 33-page summary, by leading scientists, is meant to guide almost 200 governments which have promised to work out a deal by the end of 2015 to slow climate change.

Well, except for the leading scientist who withdrew from the report because it was too whackjob leftist and full of bullshit:

U.N. climate author withdraws because the report has become ‘too alarmist’ – Washington Times

And let me add how much I despise the propaganda trick of trying to call global warming “climate change.”  Because whenever one of these bozos talks about “climate change,” he actually means “global warming.”

That’s bad enough, but what’s even worse is that it destroys the ability to talk or think meaningfully about actual climate change.  If the public becomes brainwashed to think of climate change as actually meaning global warming, how can we approach the possibilities of global cooling?

We are in an interglacial warming period.  Eventually that will end, the glaciers will march again, and the world will cool.  But we can’t even talk about that sort of climate change, because a bunch of scientific hacks have hijacked the term to mean something entirely the opposite.

Bill Quick

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Guess He’s Not a “Leading Scientist” Any More — 2 Comments

  1. “And let me add how much I despise the propaganda trick of trying to call global warming “climate change.””

    But you know perfectly well they use weasel words like that for a reason: to confuse people into doing what they want.

  2. As an Alaskan, let me say: God Bless Global Warming! We need more of it! I am having the most fantastic Summer, Fall, Winter, Spring in memory. I am absolutely loving my warming environment. If this continues, maybe the tundra will become alive with the fauna of bygone days! My home is about 33 feet above mean tide level, which means that in a storm if the oceans rise 10 feet, my office will be flooded at high tide. (Yes, our tide swings from minus 4 to plus 20). I love that possibility. Not only that, do you have any idea, how much more food we can produce with a slightly warming climate. Damn, I could be self-sufficient on 10 acres with no problem at all. My only fear, is that climate change will switch again, as it is known to do. But I have made contingency plans. I bought a farm in the southland, so if the pattern changes then fuck the gods, I am going to be okay.
    Now, to all the rest of America that is waiting for the god Obama to cure all their ills–fuck off, and have a merry fascist life!