Here’s What Sort of Education $100,000 Buys You
Bill Quick

#CancelColbert Activist Suey Park Responds to Stephen Colbert Promotion – TIME

The cross-promotion of more white male celebrities prove it: The entertainment industry has perfected the development of white, cis, straight, male characters. The marginalization of “other voices” — except when those “others” are brought in only to aid in the cheap punch line of a joke — is complete. This is aggression that we do not have to accept. We will protest this until it ends.

We think people are surprised to see that their monolithic view of Asian Americans as a model minority is being challenged. We are not the problem. Your stereotypes and narrow roles for us are the problem.

Some Asian Americans were quick to protect the myth of our being a model minority. They disowned us and said we do not speak for them. We agree. Asian Americans are not a monolithic group, and we do not speak for anyone but ourselves.

Others wanted to silence us immediately. Young Asian American women, with little institutional power, are not supposed to be this loud. Our voices are not expected to be raised — and when they’re raised, they’ve not meant to travel.

Our age and appearance have led to us being infantilized — and therefore our political ideals have been treated as incoherent and immature. We are accused of being ungrateful sidekicks of honorary whiteness. It is baffling that we would reject this role to instead critique white supremacy.

Oh, good lord.  The blinding banal jargon and cant.  The puerile arguments straight out of some progtard hell of a “studies” class.  The post-modern mutual masturbation society.

These dullards wonder why nobody takes them seriously.  Here’s a clue, girls: You aren’t serious people.  You are the sheeple of the New Society.  And, eventually, you will grow up.

If you’re lucky.

I’ll bet the editors at TIME had a chuckle over this, even as they published it.

Bill Quick

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Here’s What Sort of Education $100,000 Buys You — 2 Comments

  1. Yah, I’ve noticed that white men are drastically overemphasized in popular American culture, way out of line with their actual scientific and cultural achievements.

    But what do you expect? Everyone knows that all good schools cost at least $50k per year, and four to six years to get a BA is normal. If you’re not spending a quarter of a million on your education, well, you get what you pay for and shouldn’t complain.

  2. …we do not speak for anyone but ourselves.

    The only thing even half-way intelligent or truthful in that whole noxious little spit-wad of misplaced and “tragically” overwrought ire.

    Ah, well, it is TIME, after all – one of the prime bastions of The Whiney, Self-Identified “Victimized” set we hear so much (far too much, in fact) from in these Equality Of Outcome Uber Alles times in which we presently exist…

    Our age and appearance have led to us being infantilized — and therefore our political ideals have been treated as incoherent and immature.

    Sorry, keeds, but “age and appearance” has vanishingly-little to do with it – your obvious lack of clarity in thought, insight and/or speech has, unavoidably, led to your self-produced “infantilization” – and a quite-richly deserved, also-self-produced marginalization – in toto. In short: You did it all to yourselves – “enjoy” the results you self-generated.

    Just, as is made reference to, a couple more “edjumacated” and “credentialed” empty heads, standing face-to-face with Reality, screaming “Listen to MEEE!!! Obey MEEE!!!” at the top of their tiny, squeaky little fantasy-driven voices…