Kathleen Parker Maintains Her Rep For Brilliant, Incisive Commentary – And Utter Dumbness
Bill Quick

Kathleen Parker: America’s heartland shouldn’t fear Stephen Colbert – The Washington Post

The notion that a fake persona’s comedy routine is a threat to the American heartland bears a striking resemblance to the sort of literal-mindedness that leads to inquisitions and the Taliban. If you can’t take a joke, you could always change the channel. But you’ll miss all the fun.

Hi, Kathleen, you stupid bint.  My “fake persona” will be as Hitler, and my schtick will be to make jokes about sheenies, kikes, and death camps.  Should be a laff riot, eh?  If you don’t like it, though, you can always change the channel.  But you’ll miss all the fun.

You stupid bint.

BTW, I do understand why they sought out Colbert.  They’d like to get the Letterman audience down out of the Depends and truss demographic and into something a bit younger – say, sixtyish.


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Bill Quick

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Kathleen Parker Maintains Her Rep For Brilliant, Incisive Commentary – And Utter Dumbness — 5 Comments

  1. There was a time – roughly contemporary with the middle to tail-end of the Johnny Carson (a genuinely, never-failingly funny, funny man) Tonight Show reign, perhaps extending a year or so into the commencement of Jay Leno’s recently-ended tenure as Johnny’s replacement – when Letterman was actually quite funny, sometimes brilliantly so. At times, he produced at a level with Carson, and was pretty reliably a close second to the Tonight Show at worst, substantially above the efforts from lesser late-night entertainment shows.

    Rather sadly, in some ways, that era was (as referenced) over long, long in the past. What has remained, for far too many years, has been an illustration of the fact that “zany”, “outrageous” and/or “offbeat” does not necessarily equate to or even coincide with “somewhat amusing”, much less “hilarious” or even “mostly pretty funny”.* (For additional proof of this – if any is required – one need only take a look at almost anything previously presented by Howard Stern)

    Replacing him with the only-marginally-humorous (at best) Stephen Colbert does not appear to offer much (if any) improvement. Colbert appears to be pretty much a “one-note Charlie”, focused as he seems to be on his impersonation of an over-the-top Neo-Con nutball, a portrayal that does not appear to be usefully translatable into the overall context of the departing Letterman’s demographic framework.

    As to Parker’s “wuv you, wuv you, wuv youuu-u” commentary regarding Colbert’s alleged “parody humor” and its supposed hilarity within his overall fake-conservative-blowhard routine – well – this seems pretty much what one would expect from a WaPo tone-deaf (and apparently pretty proud of it) “Opinion Writer” who does not appear to have a useful sense of genuine humor herself. As Bugs would say: “What a maroon!!”

    (*This was, BTW, perceptibly a huge part of the flopperoo that resulted with the previous attempt to replace Jay Leno with Conan O’Brien, as Conan apparently simply powered-up and stretched out the same schtick-series he’d been using in his old late-night spot – which fell mostly pretty flat within the different setting of the Tonight Show. So far, Jimmy Fallon appears to have avoided that mistake…)

  2. Here’s my take on Letterman vs Leno.

    Letterman aspired to the big time so he could get driven in limos with hot assistant deputy producers who drank champagne and snorted blow and were really just high class hookers. Leno aspired to the big time so he could drive himself in classic, high performance hot rods with hot women who did tequila shots with salt and lemon wedges and drove Harley’s in their spare time.

    Letterman got jaded awfully fast over 20 years ago. Leno is still enjoying himself.