It’s the Leftism, Stupid
Bill Quick

A Glimpse into the Political Future by Fred Siegel, City Journal 11 April 2014

In other words, Chait argues, “the Obama era has produced a cleavage along ideological rather than racial lines,” so that neither black conservatives who support the Tea Party nor the far more numerous white liberals who nod in agreement with Al Sharpton’s preachings on MSNBC are as anomalous as partisans assert. “Liberals,” Chait writes, “dwell in a world of paranoia of a white racism that has seeped out of American history in the Obama years and lurks everywhere, mostly undetectable.” Similarly, he goes on, “Conservatives dwell in a paranoia of their own, in which racism is used as a cudgel to delegitimize their core beliefs. And the horrible thing is that both of these forms of paranoia are right.”

…If the Democrats do take a shellacking this November, they will no doubt attempt to pin blame on the supposed psychological failings of Republican voters. It’s a trope dear to liberals since the 1920s. For the good of the country, though, let us hope that, unlike Chait, they will come to grips with the all-too-material failures of the Obama years.

And what excuse will Chait use if Hillary wins in 2016, and the Great Leftist Trainwreck continues or even worsens?

I suppose it will be because of “a world of paranoia of a white sexism that has seeped out of American history in the Obama years and lurks everywhere, mostly undetectable.”

Left unsaid in all this would be that such a situation would involve America rejecting a Black leftist male and a white leftist female, whose only similarities are their leftist ideology.

Of course Chait will never go there, because it would involve admitting that neither race nor sex are the problem, but rather  it is the ideology that he shares with Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama.

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