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Cher’s Miley Moment: Singer Sports Pasties in Concert

Was Cher turning back time this week, or was the veteran singer trying to emulate a certain shock performer?

The 67 year-old Oscar winner took the stage in Boston Thursday and proceeded to tear through a number of colorful costume changes.

One ensemble found the star sporting the kind of outfit Miley Cyrus has been (barely) wearing for the past few months on her Bangerz tour.

The ever-youthful singer endured six costume changes during the aptly-named Dressed To Kill tour, including a diamond-encrusted fringed dress with nipple pasties.

It’s getting harder for established stars like Cher and Madonna to keep up with their envelope pushing peers. Last month, Madonna sent out an Instagram flashing her armpit hair to the masses.

Well, I don’t know about you, but I can’t think of anything more erotically appetizing that the sight of a sixty-seven year old has-been’s sequin-covered nipples.  Unless it’s Madonna’s armpit hair.

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  1. I can’t think of anything more erotically appetizing than…

    The (sadly, only) imaginary image of Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid wrestling for control of Congress. Gravy wrestling. Gravy wrestling in the nude. And the loser is the platter for the main course.

    Enjoy your dinner, JSB!