The Door Under the Bus Is Right Here, Secretary Scapegoat
Bill Quick

What Kathleen Sebelius’s Exit Means for Obama—and Obamacare – David A. Graham – The Atlantic

And on a political level, they’re a huge liability for Democrats in November’s midterm elections. The party stands no real chance of winning the House of Representatives, and the smart money now favors Republicans to take back the Senate—in part because of anger about the law. Sebelius’s exit may provide the administration the opportunity to distance itself and, but it won’t make those political challenges go away.

Yep.  As dumb as Americans are, I don’t think they’re quite dumb enough to buy the notion that Obamacare was all Sebelius’s fault.

After all, it isn’t called Obamacare for nothing.

Bill Quick

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The Door Under the Bus Is Right Here, Secretary Scapegoat — 1 Comment

  1. It’s not fair to blame it on Obama. He didn’t build that. It ran on the information superhighway, and that’s a government operation dating back to Bush years. And it takes a village idiot to display and rile, and Sebelius is the designated idiot.