The Murderous Logic of Gun Grabbers – Thank God Nobody At That School Had A Gun and Was Able to Stop the Slasher Who Wounded 22 Kids!
Bill Quick

Thank God It Wasn’t Guns – Yahoo News

At least when an all-too-real attack came on Wednesday morning, there was only the flashing of blades, not the roar of gunfire. The knives were enough to turn the school into what the police chief described as “a vast crime scene” and to force the cancellation of a lunchtime preview of the prom DJ. The prom itself is scheduled for Saturday and may well be postponed, but maybe Beard’s wounded friend will be well enough by then for her to make good on her promise to take him.

And, if the doctors’ expectations hold, everybody will survive along with Scimio to keep taking selfies.

The thesis here is to thank god that the murderous kid who did his damndest to kill twenty some other kids only had knives instead of guns. 

Note this from the idiot writer:

Had there been a gun at Franklin High, the dead might very well have included the school safety guard known to the students as Sarge, who was stabbed in the stomach while trying to stop the attack.

Meanwhile, back in the sane world, had there been a gun in the hands of the safety guard, that attacker might have been stopped before he inflicted much damage at all.  This hysterical gun grabber who wrote this story would much rather see 22 kids slashed to ribbons than admit that a single bullet from a gun in the hands of a protector might have ended the whole incident with very little damage to anybody else – including the security guard who was stabbed in the stomach while bringing only his fists to a knife fight.

Because, see, you can’t make a gun free society without disembowling a few eggs.

Bill Quick

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