Obamacare: We’ll Insure Every Illegal Alien in America!
Bill Quick

Obama Administration To Insurers: No Such Thing As Illegal Immigrants

Lost in the overall shuffle concerning the many problems with Obamacare’s exchanges is the central problem of enforcement of those aspects of the law the president hasn’t waived or delayed yet – including the particular challenge when it comes to verifying the immigration status of those applying for taxpayer subsidized insurance.

On April 1st, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services issued a new guidance document to health insurers. The CMS guidance says that people whose immigration status is uncertain will be presumed eligible for subsidized coverage in Obamacare’s marketplaces while a further review is pending.

Wonderful.  So this system, already crumbling from the horrible demographics of those unfortunates who had no other option for insurance than Obamacare, will now be providing “subsidized” health care to millions of illegals.

That should guarantee that the whole thing collapses because of the impossible financial imbalances, but the Democrats don’t care.  From their point of view, this is a feature, not a bug:  The easy fix is oceans of other people’s money, either taxed or borrowed, and they’ve been good at doing that sort of fix for a hundred years. 

Bill Quick

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