BJ Clinton Is One Tricky Guy: The Meaningless Voter ID
Bill Quick

Bill Clinton urges adding photos to Social Security cards for voter identification – The Washington Post

AUSTIN — With 34 states now requiring some form of identification at the polls, former president Bill Clinton and civil rights leader Andrew Young on Wednesday endorsed the idea of adding photos to Social Security cards as a way to prevent voter suppression.

Yeah, right. Currently, Social Security cards are issued to everyone at birth. Resident aliens without voting rights are required to have these cards.

Further, the cards don’t show addresses or birth dates. In short, the photo alone doesn’t tell much that is relevant to the right to vote. These cards would need to be available only to citizens with voting rights, and they would need to show addresses as well (Americans vote by precinct).

Clinton and Young’s notion would either create a massive boondoggle with the Social Security administration needing to make citizenship decisions and factual validations on all users, or it would simply open the door to even more massive voter fraud.

These two lifelong Democrats are motivated by worry: As more and more states institute real voter ID procedures that address all the issues I raised above, and with the Supreme Court permitting most of these state schemes to go forward, the Democrat party is scrambling to try to prevent an end to the sort of voter fraud they’ve employed effectively for generations.

This idea is one way to appear to be doing something to stop fraud, but actually offering a way to enable it. And, of course, since it would be federal in nature, the Democrat lawyers could then argue that state laws are irrelevant and should be overturned.

Bill Quick

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  1. Doesn’t the Constitution guarantee to the individual States the governance of their own elections?

    Awww, who am I kidding. The Constitution? Am I serious? Am I serious?

    It’s a tax!