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PJ Media » Dems Lose Paycheck Fairness Vote, Gain a Campaign Meme

WASHINGTON – Senate Republicans foiled Democratic efforts to consider legislation aimed at assuring that women receive compensation at work equal to their male counterparts — an issue now almost sure to rise during the fall election campaign.

In a 53-44 vote, with 60 votes needed to proceed, GOP lawmakers stood in the way of Democratic plans to debate and consider the Paycheck Fairness Act, a measure that would require employers to pay men and women with similar qualifications the same wages for similar jobs. It would also allow women to file suit for punitive damages in discrimination cases and bar employers from forbidding employees to discuss their salaries among themselves.

Well, you know that if the Democrats had really wanted to pass this bill, they could have done the same thing that they did when they abolished the filibuster to allow Obama’s appointments to pass on a simple majority.

I wonder why they didn’t do that?  After all, a woman’s right to equal pay was at stake.  Don’t they care?

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