Democrats Are Easily Convinced By Shiny Meaningless Crap-Filled Stuff
Bill Quick

Portland girl asks Hillary Clinton a question | Portland

Watching the footage on an iPad in her kindergarten class Wednesday morning, Zola got a first look at what all the fuss is about. She likes pink and doing art projects, but this little girl also has big plans. She’s already been to the last two presidential inaugurations. And her family is hoping she’ll see Hillary Clinton during their third.

“It’s been a discussion in our family and something we are very excited about, to think if she could be our first female president,” said Zola’s mother Luanne Demarco.

Do you Democrat morons ever think about voting for a candidate who would be best suited to do the job of the President, rather than chumping dumbly after a hook labeled “First Black President, First Female President, First Zebra President?”

Oh, wait – you’re Democrats.

Never mind.

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