Update on Pale Moon
Bill Quick

Just a quick update on my switch from Firefox to the Pale Moon browser:  The more I use it, the more I like it.  It’s easy on memory, does everything a browser needs to do,  has zero learning curve for former FF users, and is just generally an all-round better experience.

If I’d known about it sooner, I’d have switched then, even before Mozilla turned itself into a penis puppet for the Gay Storm Front.

Only runs on Windows, though.  Sorry, Mac users.

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Bill Quick

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Update on Pale Moon — 12 Comments

  1. I’ve been very happy with Pale Moon. Much more responsive and less of a memory hog. I also made the change so that the browser is detected as Pale Moon instead of FF. Because screw Mozilla.

    • I installed Pale Moon today. Bookmarks, plug-ins, etc. transferred seamlessly. It seems much quicker than FF — I’d guess about 2X-3X faster. If there are no problems, I’ll make it my default browser. Thanks PG for the browser ID tip.

  2. This way:

    Create a new tab.

    Type “about:config” into the Address Bar as if it were an internet site (URL).

    Type “compatMode” into the Search box that will appear right below the Address Bar.

    On the line general.useragent.compatMode.firefox there are three settings: user set, boolean, true. Click on “true” and it will change to false.

    Close the tab.

      • BTW, I’ve got the hack that lets you run desktop Roboform as a Pale Moon add-on: Just go to the Program Files -x86 folder on your C drive, find the Siber Systems folder, open that and find the Firefox folder, then archive the entire folder as a zip file. Take that archive, change the .zip to .xpi, and then open the file from the File menu in Pale Moon. That will install the Roboform add-on to Pale Moon exactly as it was with Firefox.

        I don’t know if variations of this will work with other add-ons available to Firefox and not Pale Moon, though.

        • I tried doing this exactly & it won’t work. It won’t work if I try to install it with the .jar file in that folder either, through Pale Moon. It’s driving me crazy, it just tells me it’s “corrupted” every time. :( No weird file permissions I’m aware of, either. Totally sucks. Any suggestions? I’m not having much luck with google either, in fact, it’s what brought me here, because your comment showed up in the results.

  3. Thanks for the info on Pale Moon…I think -

    However – I seem to be having a problem currently with running it on my Dell using XP Pro. It did the transfer-of-all-links/bookmarks thingy just great from Firefox – and it’s handling multiple-tab windows really great so far, much faster and more efficiently that Firefox was doing; there are some little differences that are moderately hinky, but nothing I can’t live with, I suppose* – except…every time I try to access some new link/url, whether in a new tab or in a whole new window, instead of opening the new location/link, it insists upon trying to do a Save of the new link, to some part of My Documents by default. When I copy the new link, then save it into an existing area/folder in my Bookmarks menu – it still refuses to open the new link, whether in a new tab or into a new window; instead, it still tries to do a Save into My Documents (or some other spot on the same drive, I suppose).

    So…vot gifs? A browser that won’t let me open a new link? What’s up with THAT?

    Can anybody help me out, here? Maybe send me a PM on what to do?…

    (It’s also apparently causing the “Reload current page” circular-arrow to blink constantly as long as I’m in the middle of typing in a Comment – which is kinda weird – or if I’m looking at prior pages in the string of Posts – which is even weirder – plus, when I open a new Tab in the current Window, it opens it all the way to the right side on the line of tabs, instead of directly to the right of the currently-selected tab, like older versions of Firefox used to do vs. how the newer Firefox operates, but that’s mostly a minor annoyance, not really weird…there’re other little things, too, but hey, it’s a no-cost and a lot faster and more efficient than FF has gotten to be, so, there’s that…)

    UPDATE: O.k., through a bit of further “detective work” (i.e., trial-and-mostly-erroring my elderly ass off), I have determined that, apparently, if the new link/url ends with a PDF (and possibly with other types of extensions; haven’t tried ‘em all yet), Pale Moon assumes that I want to Save a copy of the PDF (or, as mentioned, possibly other type of item), and therefore automagically proffers a “Where do you wanna Save this thing, ya iggerunt clod?” opportunity. So – I guess what I really need to know (and Pale Moon – Help doesn’t appear to supply an answer for this, up-front, I looked) is; HowinHell do I get it to just open the damn thing, then I’ll decide to Bookmark it – or not – and maybe decide to Save a copy of my own for future reference?

      • ‘Kay, thanks for the reply – at this point, it’s not a real big deal, just something else to put on my list of Stuff To Find Out About. If it gets really annoying, it appears as though I can always run a straight-out Firefox browser simultaneously with the Pale Moon session, and I already know regular Firefox doesn’t do that kind of stuff.

        In addition, I’ve got bigger fries to fish – I’ve got a new Dell big-screen laptop that runs on Windows 7 – I ordered it that way from Dell – and a copy of PC Mover, and I’m going to make a run at moving all of the stuff from this (old) Dell (which, as mentioned, runs XP Pro) to the new Dell this weekend – if that (somehow) goes more-or-less correctly, I’ve then got several other little “fixes” to do on the new one…then, we’ll see how Pale Moon runs on the new one, as well; maybe then, I’ll get back to this item on my list…

        Just like Roseann Rosannadanna’s ol’ Daddy used to say, it’s alllways something!