Democrat Congressman Prefers Taking Cock (Orally) Over Koch
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Dem Congressman: I’ll Sell My Soul — But Only to Nancy Pelosi, Not the Kochs | National Review Online

Democratic congressman Nick Rahall told a GOP tracker on Tuesday that he would rather sell his soul to House minority leader Nancy Pelosi than “selling it to the Koch brothers!”

Several weeks ago, when Pelosi promised him more campaign money and convinced him to stay in the race, Rahall was preparing for retirement. He is a top GOP target in the 2014 election.

The GOP tracker asked Rahall how it felt ”to sell your soul to Nancy Pelosi,” and the congressman initially ignored his comment, calling him “quite the jokester.” After a pregnant pause, Rahall quipped: “Better than selling it to the Koch brothers!”

Izzat so?  Well, take a look at who Nick the Slick has been selling his soul – and his votes – to in the real world:

Rep. Nick Rahall: Campaign Finance/Money – Summary – Representative 2014 | OpenSecrets

Cycle Fundraising, 2013 – 2014, Campaign Cmte


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Cash on Hand:
Last Report: Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Top 5 Contributors, 2013 – 2014, Campaign Cmte

Contributor Total Indivs PACs
Air Line Pilots Assn $10,000 $0 $10,000
Amalgamated Transit Union $10,000 $0 $10,000
American Fedn of St/Cnty/Munic Employees $10,000 $0 $10,000
American Maritime Officers $10,000 $0 $10,000
AmeriPAC: The Fund for a Greater America $10,000 $0 $10,000

Top 5 Industries, 2013 – 2014, Campaign Cmte

Industry Total Indivs PACs
Transportation Unions $96,000 $0 $96,000
Building Trade Unions $47,500 $0 $47,500
Leadership PACs $41,600 $0 $41,600
Air Transport $34,500 $0 $34,500
Lawyers/Law Firms $34,500 $4,500 $30,000

Note that Congressman the Honorable Scumsack was planning on bailing with close to a million bucks in campaign funds, most of which he’ll use on “political” work that helps him keep his retirement nest feathered.

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