Hayek Over Hollywood?
Bill Quick

Mike Judge Endorses Instapundit’s “Higher Education Bubble” Theory

The character who delivers this diatribe at a TED talk is called “Peter Gregory,” who is obviously based on tech titan Peter Thiel. Thiel, famously, is a strident critic of what college has become, and actually offers people $100,000 if they will quit college to pursue their tangible, possibly-useful dream. (I assume Thiel has to first approve of your dream before you get the money. So, you know, don’t just quit college and then show up at his door with your hand out.)

In the show, the Thiel-analogue is noted to have made just exactly this offer himself, and then gives that TED talk rant at about 8:25 in the below link.

There are two things about this that are interesting for conservatives, who have long suspected Judge of having conservative (or libertarian, or at least liberal-skeptical) positions:

1. This Thiel analogue is the more attractive character of the two tech titans depicted. The Thiel analogue is helpful towards the heroes, wheres the Thiel analogue’s rival seems to want to cheat the hero out of his invention.

The rival tech titan is a Blazing Douchebag who smugly propounds upon his devotion to “social justice.” The Thiel analogue hasn’t revealed his politics, but Peter Thiel himself is a conservative-leaning libertarian.

If the cultural movers and shakers of tinsel-town are starting to push a libertarian-conservative line to all the hip young things, that alone will do more to change the face of American politics than any other action I can think of.

Imagine the Dream Makers turning from deifying Stalin, Lenin, Marx, and all their followers, to doing likewise for Friedrich Hayek.

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