Those That Can’t, Teach – And Demand Tenure
Bill Quick

Lawmakers send school finance bill to Brownback |

“There’s no reason for tenure,” said Rep. Allan Rothlisberg, R-Grandview Plaza. “The years I spent in the military, if you didn’t produce, if you didn’t meet standards, you were gone. There is no reason to have any protected class in this state or in this country.”

“Due process for teachers is not job protection,” responded Sen. Pat Pettey, a Democrat from Kansas City, Kan., and a retired teacher. “It provides security for teachers to hold students to high standards.”

Just to emphasize:  Democrats in the pockets of the Teachers Unions call it “due process,” but it’s still tenure, meaning that it’s nearly impossible to fire a teacher, no matter how godawful they are.

As for teachers holding students to high standards, choke on this one:

An Open Letter to Urban Superintendents in the United States of America – Rick Hess Straight Up – Education Week

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