Don’t Like Firefox? Switch to Pale Moon!
Bill Quick

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Sez Physics Geek in the comments:

Well, I’ve been a FF user since its inception and I used Mozilla/Netscape before that. Now I’ve migrated to Pale Moon. It completely transferred everything and all of my add-ons still work. Oddly, it actually runs about 15% faster than its sire, Firefox. I should have switched earlier, I guess, but inertia can be a tough thing to overcome.

I’ve just done likewise. I wish I’d known about Pale Moon long ago. It does everything Firefox did, with pretty much the identical user interface, but much faster and with less memory use – in fact, that awful FF memory leak issue seems to be gone in Pale Moon. I’m sold!

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Don’t Like Firefox? Switch to Pale Moon! — 3 Comments

  1. Given that PaleMoon is “based on Firefox”, is there any particular benefit (other than psychological) to running PaleMoon, or any real harm done to Mozilla if we leave Firefox? I’ve never paid them a penny, so I suspect that my patronage or lack thereof would have entirely minuscule consequences.

  2. Bill mentioned a couple advantages of Pale Moon over Firefox. If you check out their site or the Pale Moon page on Wikipedia, you’ll get a rundown of how they got the performance improvement. (Some degree of computer knowledge is required.) The memory leak fix was probably just a fix.

    But, despite Pale Moon’s apparent advantages, I’m sticking with Firefox… on account of I don’t run Windows.