Hey, Nemo – Glad to See You’ve Got Al Sharpton Looking Out for the Apple’s Best Interests
Bill Quick

Rev. Sharpton, NYPD & Major Retailers Reach Deal In ‘Shop-And-Frisk’ Incidents « CBS New York

EW YORK (CBSNewYork) — An agreement was reached Thursday between the New York Police Department, Rev. Al Sharpton, and retail industry leaders on the so-called shop-and-frisk policy.

Under the agreement, police won’t enter a store to investigate a report of shoplifting unless a store employee has called 911, creating a public record of the incident, TV 10/55 reported.

“So if we all agree that it has to start with a call, you at least are starting with the point where the situation began,” Sharpton said.

When an accusation of racial profiling is made against a store, Sharpton said a 911 call would make it easier to determine the basis of the stop, WCBS 880?s Marla Diamond reported.

Why in the hell is Al Sharpton in the middle of this goat-fark?  (I know, I know – Jesse Jackson was too busy practicing extortion somewhere else….)

Bill Quick

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