Halos Askew, Docs Cover Feet of Clay
Bill Quick

Insult And Injury: How Doctors Are Losing The War Against Trolls

“I would say the internet has not yet matured to the point where there’s a way of easily understanding the difference between an allegation that has some merit and an allegation that’s simply someone venting who has an axe to grind,” says Gary Nissenbaum, an attorney specializing in commercial litigation. “It’s very hard to tell the two apart.”

Let me hazard a guess that no physician will ever admit that there is any merit to any complaints from their patients.  They don’t like having their divinity questioned.

Let me hazard a further guess – the initial impetus fort his article came from some PR hack hired to defend doctors from online criticism.  And, as usual, the desired solution is to make everybody shut up.

Bill Quick

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