Is Said By Who?
Bill Quick

Ca. Sen. Leland Yee codefendant granted bail, but not freed – SFGate

In this photo taken March 16, 2011, Raymond “Shrimp Boy” Chow, second from right, poses with inducted several consultants, including Keith Jackson, left, a former San Francisco school board member at the Chee Kung Tong spring banquet in San Francisco. Investigators say Chow is the leader and the dragonhead of one of the most powerful Asian gangs in North America. Chow’s gang is said to have lured state Sen. Leland Yee into its clutches through money and campaign contributions in exchange for legislative help, as Yee sought to build his campaign coffers to run for California secretary of state.

Said by his defense attorneys, no doubt.  Poor Senator Yee, so innocent, and led into evil ways by Chinese gangsters – when all he was trying to do was good.

I can hear it now.  I’m sure I’ll hear it later from same gang of SFGate lefty hacks that wrote this piece.

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  1. Isn’t it all Bush’s fault, for not cracking down on organized crime when he had a chance? Makes you wonder just who was lining his pocket. I call for a special prosecutor to investigate what Bush had to do with the underlying criminal conspiracy which managed to ensnare Leland Yee, who had no idea that any crimes were being committed.