House Dems Out to Destroy US Energy Boom
Bill Quick

House Dems Want EPA to Reopen Investigation on Fracking

Eight House Democrats sent a letter to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency on April 1, requesting the agency reopen an investigation into the effects of fracking on groundwater contamination. Specifically, there were three major cases of suspected contamination – in Wyoming, Pennsylvania, and Texas – and the EPA has largely abandoned the issue and left regulation to the states. The Democrats called on the EPA to step up and protect communities in those states from the effects of fracking.

Let me rephrase:  Eight House Democrats want to destroy the fossil fuel energy boom in the U.S., first because it threatens their pet boodlers in the green energy biz and, second, because the states benefitting most from it don’t vote Republican.

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Bill Quick

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House Dems Out to Destroy US Energy Boom — 2 Comments

  1. They destroyed coal. The NRC is trying to strangle nuclear. Look at Venezuela. They had a rich diverse economy and an educated working class. Now they fight over toilet paper.
    The NEI put out a paper this week. At the worst of the freeze, there was 500 MW of excess capacity in the east coast grid. Their solution….to shut down Yankee Vermont and retire some fossil plants.
    This will remove more than 1.1 GW of power from the system. If you live on the east coast, buy a generator, stock up on fuel and put in a wood stove. Oh and a years supply of food.