Haven’t Watched a Late Night Show In Years
Bill Quick

Who should replace David Letterman? Here’s the Daily News’ Top Ten list – NY Daily News

David Letterman is irreplaceable, but someone must step into his shoes in 2015 to take the reigns. In the spirit of CBS’ long-running late night talk show, here’s our own Top Ten list of people who should replace Letterman:

How about:  I don’t give a rat’s ass?  It doesn’t matter who’s sitting behind the desk.  The lefty drivel will never change.

Bill Quick

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Haven’t Watched a Late Night Show In Years — 3 Comments

  1. Subtle reference to his return to the show after bypass surgery. Seinfeld feigned surprise and said, paraphrasing, “I thought you were dead”!

    You caught my double meaning perfectly there though.