This Is Nothing Less Than Naked Tyranny
Bill Quick

Thousands of artifacts seized at rural Indiana home

Jones acknowledged that Miller might have acquired some of the items before the passage of U.S. laws or treaties prohibited their sale or purchase.

In addition, the investigation could result in the “repatriation” of any of the cultural items, Jones said.

Dark Rain Thom, a Shawnee descendant who served on the Indiana Native American Indian Affairs Commission under three governors, said the motives of such collectors vary, and that it’s not uncommon for collections to come to light when an elderly person dies and descendants try to figure out what to do with artifacts.

Often, she said, family members then quietly donate them to museums or arrange to return them to specific tribes — if that provenance can be determined.

So, a fraking SWAT team smashes into this guy’s house and confiscates perhaps millions of dollars of his personal property without even knowing if a crime has been committed,

The man, Don Miller, has not been arrested or charged.

Would somebody (who is not a scum-sucking statist lapping busily at the member of state power and tyranny) please explain to me how this comports with the constitutionally guaranteed right against illegal search and seizure?


During the Colonial era, the King of England looked at the American colonies as simply a financial investment.  Britain passed numerous revenue collection bills aimed at generating as much money from the colonists as possible.  Obviously, the colonists resented this act by the King and began smuggling operations in order to circumvent the custom taxes imposed by the British Crown. 

In response, King George began the use of the conveniently worded “writs of assistance.”  These were legal search warrants that were extremely broad and general in scope.  British agents could obtain a writ of assistance to search any property they believed might contain contraband goods.  They could actually enter someone’s property or home with no notice and without any reason.  Agents could interrogate anyone about their use of customed goods and force cooperation of any person.  These types of searches and seizures became an egregious affront to the people of the colonies.

Our entire government has become an egregious affront to the liberties of America and Americans.  What sort of “warrant” allows these thugs to seize every damned thing in this guy’s collection?

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Bill Quick

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This Is Nothing Less Than Naked Tyranny — 2 Comments

  1. Thom predicted: “It may be 30 years — or never — before they have it all cataloged.”

    IOW, not only did they illegally seize his property, but he will probably never have any returned.

    The Fourth Amendment is dead. Homeland Security now claims the license, for supposed national security, to conduct arbitrary, warrantless searches anywhere, anytime, within 100 miles of any border or coast line. This encompasses ~70% of the population, so the majority is already effectively under martial law.

  2. The real question here is whose buddy is going to profit from this thieft? As in who narced to the fibbies on the old man? Why do I suspect that it was some local academic who heard about the collection and “volunteered” to help him evaluate it?
    Can you say, “thieft under color of law?” I knew you could.