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Wow: Every major demographic now considers alcohol more harmful than marijuana « Hot Air

One interesting, expectation-confounding wrinkle that caught my eye was this:


Blacks and whites are, for once, in basic agreement — but Latinos vary considerably. Why is that? Any theories?

Yeah.  They’re the ones making the most money from dealing weed at the high prices caused by its illegality.  If it’s legalized, all of a sudden they have to compete with P. Lorrillard and legions of lawyers, and at market pricing to boot!


UPDATE: On a slightly more serious, albeit paranoid and conspiratorial note:  Latinos, like any other group, are influenced by the media they consume.  Latinos consume a lot of Spanish-language media which, like any other media, is responsive to big money.  And who has some of the biggest money in South America?  The Drug Cartels, of course.  Saudi Arabians aren’t averse to spreading a lot of boodle around the US in hopes of influencing public opinion. Why should it be any different in this situation?

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  1. “market pricing”

    That reminds me of the stories after Colorado’s legalization came into effect of how some people are still buying their pot illegally: apparently it’s significantly more expensive than medical marijuana, partly due to taxes. And that’s entirely before you get into the issue that it’s still Federally illegal and you might be jeopardizing yourself in some ways (e.g., a MM user has to have a license. You might have trouble later on passing a NICS check or getting a job with a Federal contractor with an MM license….)