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Democratic Shell Corporation CNN Continues Embargoing the Leland Yee Story, But Actual News Organizations Are On It

The Tavor assault rifle is an actual assault rifle, and not a fakey-fake “assault weapon” implied to be an assault rifle.  It looks scary because it actually is scary.

Lee proposed stealing these rifles from the Philippines, shipping them to Newark, and then selling them in Africa.

Well, I guess if you’re a damp-drawered hysterical ninny who’s afraid of the very notion of firearms, you might find this picture scary, but I don’t.  Of course, I don’t give supernatural powers to inanimate tools, so a chunk of angular anodized steel doesn’t really set off my danger, danger Will Robinson bells.

It’s the guy holding the tool that is the worrisome aspect.

Interesting sidenotes:  This little gem is made in Israel, and succeeds the legendary Uzi.  And Yee proposed stealing a bunch of these bullpups from Muslim terrorists in the Phillipines.  Because California pols would never, ever ascribe anything evil to Muslims.





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