Unexpectedly, Of Course
Bill Quick

Rearview Cameras by 2018 for Cars and Light Trucks – NYTimes.com

On Monday, after three years of repeated delays and a lawsuit, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration announced the new rule: By May 2018, all new cars and light trucks must be equipped with rearview cameras.

I wonder how long it takes for some driver distracted by his rear view screen to run over a clutch of nuns in the crosswalk.

Bill Quick

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  1. I’m sure there are other drawbacks (like unnecessary expense, for one), but the rental cars I get with rearview cameras only use the cameras when you have the car in reverse. At other times, the display is for heat/AC/Radio/Nav stuff.

    Channeling Dave Berry, both “Clutch of Nuns” and “Nuns in the Crosswalk” are awesome names for a rock band.

  2. Nonetheless, this will continue to drive the cost of a new car ever-upward, pushing them out of the range of more and more people (which will benefit liberal car-haters and urban planners, but I repeat myself.)

    Seriously, go out to any major car maker’s website and look: an automatic, of even the smallest model like the Honda Fit, is pushing $16K or more.

  3. The price of safety is high.

    But don’t worry. Whenever they make a car more foolproof the public answers by developing a greater fool. So, in the end it balances out for no gain at much expense.