If He’s The Future of the GOP, Then the GOP Has No Future
Bill Quick

Can ‘the Traitor’ Jesse Benton Unite the GOP? – The Daily Beast

Despised by many on both sides of that divide, Benton might well be the future of the party—someone who knows both sides, is connected throughout, and, above all, wants to win.

Uh huh.  But does he know why he wants to win, and what he intends to do if he does?

That’s the only thing that matters to me.  My suspicion is that his willingness to work for whomesver pays him means that he’s unable to honestly answer either question.  If he wants Mitch “Scamnesty Now, Scamnesty Forever” McConnell to win, then that’s enough for me to do my damndest to make sure he isn’t the future of the GOP.  It’s got enough assholes like that already.

Bill Quick

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