Missouri Judge Who Blatantly Ignored First Amendment Is Very Highly Paid for a Missouri Resident
Bill Quick

Remember that judge in Missouri who ordered a man to take down a perfectly legal video of a cop performing his public duties?  He makes quite a bit of money, as it turns out.

Scott T Horman, Associate Circuit Judge-Judiciary | FindTheBest

Scott T Horman is an Associate Circuit Judge at the Judiciary agency. Horman earned a salary of $112,800 in 2012, which is 320% greater than the average of all Judiciary employees ($26,884) and 316% greater than the average of all Missouri employees ($27,116)..

I wonder if average Missourians understand just what sort of bang they’re getting for their buck. They are the “Show Me” state, after all.  (via SteveF – thanks!)

Bill Quick

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