Californians, what about Neel Kashkari?

Why the Man Who Ran the Hated Wall Street Bailout Thinks He Can Win Election

I know, as the article title explicitly highlights, that he is viewed as the bag man for TARP. Yet when I hear him I hear reasonable economic policies being espoused. For California, is he is the best Republican we can get? What do you, as Californians think of him, if you’ve ever heard of him, and would you vote for him as Governor?

Personally, I need to hear more. Give me an earful.


Californians, what about Neel Kashkari? — 1 Comment

  1. Never heard of the guy until this article. I don’t pay close attention to the California races because the vile progs are going to win them no matter what. It sounds like the guy has some good points — I like the combination of pro-choice, pro-gay-marriage, pro-economic-growth. If the Republican Party is going to have a future it’s going to look like that.

    So far this guy is pressing the right symbolic buttons, but I have yet to see substance. Words are easy; actions are hard. And the once action he has to his name, TARP, was a steaming pile of crap.