Obama and the Post-Racial Society
Bill Quick

KKK flyers passed out to residents | WBRZ News 2 Louisiana : Baton Rouge, LA |

EUNICE- A disturbing flyer began circulating through some neighborhoods in Eunice this weekend.

The flyer showcases the phone numbers for two KKK groups, calling themselves the White Knights. The flyer states, “the law abiding citizens in your community can sleep in peace knowing the klan is awake.”

The flyers were distributed to the homes of African-American residents over the weekend, according to KATC-TV. The papers were reportedly in bags filled with rocks and tossed at the homes of residents KATC reported.

Eunice Deputy Chief Varden Guillory said multiple people in Eunice made complaints to the police department about the incident. The flyers were passed out Saturday night and law enforcement is looking into the incident.

My first thought is that this is likely a hoax on the part of leftists trying to stir up racial fears, the sort of hoax we’ve seen many times before.

My second is that isn’t it great that Barack Obama has ushered in the post-racial society?

Bill Quick

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