Obamacare Did Little Or Nothing About the American Uninsured – Nor Was It Intended To
Bill Quick

Is Obamacare Now Beyond Repeal? – Bloomberg View

Does that mean that Obamacare will basically be beyond repeal, as its supporters hope? It certainly makes things harder. But we still don’t know how many of these people are newly insured, or how many of the previously insured like these policies better than their old policies — nor how much pressure it is going to end up putting on the budget.

Based on some figures I’ve seen, only about 1.5 million of the enrollees are newly insured, leaving about 46.5 million Americans still uninsured.  That’s barely a drop in the bucket, in a situation where polls indicate that fifty or sixty million Americans at minimum despise Obamacare for one reason or another.  If McArdle thinks that the 1.5 million new insurees are going to save Obamacare, I suspect she will find out that she is mistaken.

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Bill Quick

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Obamacare Did Little Or Nothing About the American Uninsured – Nor Was It Intended To — 3 Comments

  1. I just read McArsefardle’s, uh, article? Column? No, puff piece. I want that minute of my life back. She’s taking BS numbers and applying fudge factors and estimates and guesses and concluding that things are rosy indeed.

    Aside from the explicit numerical flaws, there’s no mention of how many people lost coverage and haven’t signed up for a new policy. There’s no mention of qualitative changes, people being dropped from their old plans and having to take a new one which is worse in some way. I have no idea of numbers on that, but I know these people exist.

    Bottom line to prospective readers: Don’t bother clicking the link. All you’ll do is piss off the photons who have to be inconvenienced in showing it to you.

  2. If McArdle thinks…

    Therein lies the problem. She’s a statist with one or two libertarian positions. And being a statist means that she will always opt for the big government solution as the correct one.

    Hey, remember when she went by the nom de blog Jane Galt?

    Yeah, that’s why I started reading her. Her writing was why I stopped reading her.