NYMBYs United Against Muslims In New York
Bill Quick

New Castle Mosque Protest Goes Digital | The Chappaqua Daily Voice

NEW CASTLE, N.Y. – The protest against Upper Westchester Muslim Society’s (UWMS) proposed New Castle mosque has gone digital.

A group calling itself DenyUWMS has created a website calling for the Zoning Board of Appeals to reject the proposal at 130 Pinesbridge Road. The group describes itself as a “consortium of friends and neighbors” who currently stand in opposition against the mosque. A sign promoting the website was placed at the corner of Station and Millwood roads on Wednesday.

“We are very sympathetic to the needs of UWMS, its congregation and its members need for a more suitable place of worship,” reads the site. “There is no denying the fact that they are a growing congregation and their current facility is inadequate to meet their growing community. Simply stated, this proposed site is not suitable for the needs of the UWMS.”

Chappaqua is where Hillary’s homestead is located.  Progtard NIMBYism is always amusing to behold.

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