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And though I reject the notion that Mitt Romney wasn’t good enough for true-believing conservatives, let’s say, arguendo, that that was the case. Unless you are ready to give up entirely on the notion of advancing conservative principles through the ballot box, you might consider looking at things this way: Even if you do not think that it matters much whether Republicans win, it matters a great deal that Democrats lose.

Really, Kevin?  What about Democrats in GOP clothing?  Is it okay to make them lose, too, until the party finally figures out they can’t win with candidates like that, and start offering us choices instead of Democrat echoes?

And no, the architect of the first statewide socialist medicine scheme, and immediate godfather to Obamacare, Mittens Romneycare, was not a conservative.  In fact, here’s what we would have gotten in the first four years of a Mitt Romney presidency:  Romneycare on a nationwide basis, scamnesty for illegal aliens a done deal, and we’d still have 100,000 troops overseas bleeding for people who hate us almost as much as they hate our notions of imposing western-style liberal democracy on them.  Yes, I’m making that argument:  We might be in worse condition today if Mitt Romney had been elected.  All of Obama’s executive overreach can be undone and overturned by a GOP President willing to issue countervailing executive orders.  But a “bipartisan” legislative effort that resulted in Romneycare and the “Edward Kennedy Memorial Scamnesty” wouldn’t even have been strongly opposed.

What Williamson is doing here is called “preparing the battlespace.”  He’s worried that we won’t get as big a win as we should in 2014, because after the Gentry GOP money-machine gets done trying to defeat every conservative candidate it can find, that enough conservatives may sit out the election to deny the GOP a takeover in the Senate.

Here’s a final thought for the GOP-bots:  You can’t “advance conservative principles” by electing neo-statist liberals masquerading as Republicans.




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