Another Bullshit End of the World “Study”
Bill Quick

Study: ‘Small’ Nuclear War Would Destroy The World « CBS Denver

Firestorms would belch over 5 million tons of ash into the sky.

Actually, the “study” doesn’t say anything of the sort.

5 million tons of ash is fairly small, as such things go.

Which U.S. volcanoes are likely to erupt next? | MNN – Mother Nature Network

Mount St. Helens, Wash.

Prevailing winds carried 520 million tons of ash eastward across the U.S., and Spokane, Wash., was cast in “complete darkness” 250 miles away. Following the blast came several lahars, some not until later that afternoon as the glaciers melted. Fifty-seven people and thousands of animals were killed in all, and damages topped $1 billion. 

So, the Mt. Saint Helens eruption “belched” a 100 times as much ash into the sky as this end-of-the-world scenario, and yet I don’t seem to recall the world being destroyed.  In fact, I was living in Denver at the time, and if the news media hadn’t been reporting on the eruption, I wouldn’t have known it even happened.

Nuclear winter – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The eruption of the PhilippinesvolcanoMount Pinatubo ejected roughly 10 km3 (2.4 cu mi) of magma and 17,000,000 tonnes (19,000,000 short tons) of SO2, mostly during the explosive Plinian/Ultra-Plinian event of June 15, 1991, creating a global stratospheric SO2 haze layer which persisted for six months. Despite introducing ten times as much SO2 as the Kuwaiti fires,[38] global temperatures dropped by only about 0.5 °C (0.9 °F),[39] and despite a several-month 10% drop in solar irradiation, there was no global impact to agriculture.[40]

These doomsday prediction studies never seem to actually, you know, pan out.

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