If The System Requires Corruption for Success, Why Be Surprised When You Get Corruption?
Bill Quick

The case of Leland Yee: This is the craziest criminal complaint against a lawmaker you’ve ever read | Conservative Intelligence Briefing

California Bay Area State Senator Leland Yee, D, a huge proponent of gun control and ferocious critic of the NRA (and yes, the image above is actually from his website), is accused of taking cash in exchange for helping an Italian mobster (actually an undercover FBI agent) smuggle weapons — including missile launchers — from Mindanao in the Philippines, in addition to a number of other, more pedestrian violations. His close political ally, the former president of San Francisco’s school board, is accused of murder-for-hire along with his son. 

They all tell you they’re in it to prevent corruption.  And almost every one of them is lying.

If you’ve set up a corrupt system, why would you be surprised that it is filled with corrupt people?

As far as I can tell, all the money Yee acquired through a myriad of corrupt methods went into his various campaign funds – in order to pay the massive costs of keeping him in office.  That’s the system we’ve built.

How do you like it

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