AP Is Clueless About Libertarians, Too
Bill Quick

We must continue spending to supply our military with Tomahawk missiles, says … Rand Paul? « Hot Air

This ain’t your daddy’s libertarian. More to the point, this ain’t his daddy’s libertarian.

As usual, AP parades his ignorance (about libertarians, this time) for all to see.  He obviously thinks libertarians espouse pacifism.  Nothing could be further from the truth – or closer to the limitless number of things AP doesn’t know anything about.

I think he gets confused by the Non-aggression Principle, which is a primary hallmark of libertarianism.   But the NAP prohibits the initiation of force or fraud.  It does not prevent a forceful response to such initiations.

An example:  I won’t raise my fist against you, but if you do so to me, I reserve the right to respond by shooting you dead on the spot.  Logically, in order to be able to make that response, I would need to have a firearm with me, loaded and ready to go.

Neither Rand, nor Ron, Paul would disagree with this construction.  All Rand is saying is that we need to have a military strong enough to respond to the initiation of force with overwhelming force of our own.

AP is a dumbass on this subject, but then, he is on so many.  And we’ve noticed.


Bill Quick

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