#PresidentWeakHorse Banned From Disposing of His Sanctions In Russian Urinals
Bill Quick

Ordinary Russians Impose Personal Sanctions on Obama – ABC News

Perhaps recognizing that the “sanctions” notices held no weight, others are clearly mocking the signs.

“US President Barak Obama, Congress members and all the (former US Ambassador to Russia Michael) McFauls CANNOT: sit on our ottomans, keep information on our hard disc, link up to our wi-fi, use our coffee machine, dispose of their sanctions in our urinal, look through the following file: UserMilenaFotoKorporativAdskiyDancing, feed biscuits to our hamster Mikhailich,” wrote another.

Well, I doubt they’ll be any less effective than #PresidentWeakHorse’s own sanctions against Russia.

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Bill Quick

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#PresidentWeakHorse Banned From Disposing of His Sanctions In Russian Urinals — 1 Comment

  1. Obama reportedly said, “Besides, Putin picked Wichita State as the winner in his Bracket Picks. Hah, they’re Losers already. He’s hopelessly behind me and I don’t think he has a chance now to catch up. So I’ve got THAT going for me.”