Markdowns on Riding Mowers
Bill Quick

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When I was a teen pushing the powered mower endlessly across our big back yard, I was intensely jealous of families who provided their boys with riding mowers. The idea of doing that chore with what was essentially a go-cart seemed like heaven on earth in those years before I got my drivers licence.

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Markdowns on Riding Mowers — 2 Comments

  1. A recommendation from someone who mows 1 1/4 acre: the Husqvarna and John Deere mowers are the only ones in that list you should look at. The vast majority of riding mowers, under a couple dozen brand names, are made by MTD. They are all cheap Chinese junk that you’ll be sorry you bought, even if they are cheaper.

    My last one was branded Troybilt, but it was MTD junk that I was constantly tinkering with to keep running from the first year I got it. The brake/acceleration system broke a pin when it was five years old, and left my then thirteen year-old son in a mower with no brakes moving at the max speed it would go. Kind of like a slow version of Speed. He had the presence of mind to stall it out.

    Sears, Walmart, Cub Cadet, Ryobi, et. al. – all the same mowers with different paint color and stickers.

    Instead, spend about 20% more and get the entry level John Deere D105. It’s a superb piece of gear. Mine (the earlier D100) is five years old and never needed anything more than an oil change.