Ninth Circus Deals Heavy Blow To Civil Rights In California
Bill Quick

Ninth Circuit upholds requirement that guns be either locked or carried on one’s person

The case is today’s Jackson v. City & County of San Francisco (9th Cir. Mar. 25, 2014). The court concludes that the ban is constitutional, even though it applies even to people who aren’t living with children (most such locked storage requirements apply only when children could otherwise access the gun), and even to people who are living alone. The court also upholds the ban on sale of hollow-point bullets, though it repeatedly stresses that the law doesn’t ban possession or use of such bullets.

Let’s hope this gets appealed to SCOTUS and then undergoes the fate of the vast majority of Ninth Circus decisions:  Overturned and more or less laughed out of court, maybe even with a spanking from Scalia.

Bill Quick

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