One of My Senators Beclowns Herself – Again. (But They Take Turns)
Bill Quick

Boxer: Why doesn’t Hobby Lobby oppose Viagra? « Hot Air

Behold one of the most chronically misinformed members of the US Senate surprising utterly no one with the extent of her insight into the Hobby Lobby case.  Barbara Boxer appeared on MSNBC this morning to declare her support for the HHS contraception mandate, claiming at one point that it protects the religious freedom of employees. As Twitchy captured in this segment, Boxer then goes on to challenge Hobby Lobby’s owners for hypocrisy for not opposing insurance coverage of Viagra for men … which even flummoxes Boxer’s MSNBC interviewer:

They don’t call Botox Babs “dumb as a box of rocks” for nothing.

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Bill Quick

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One of My Senators Beclowns Herself – Again. (But They Take Turns) — 3 Comments

  1. I think everyone in Congress should be required to take tests for “civics”, the Constitution, US History, and math; at the high school level.

    Congressmen and Senators who can’t pass the tests – can’t VOTE!

    Pelosi and Boxer and Shelia Jackson-Lee are perfect example of why the testing requirements are needed. They don’t know the Constitution, cannot interpret what they read and have serious problems with basic math.

  2. Simply fascinating…every time she opens that gaping Hole Of Ignorance in the front-lower part of her face, Boxer produces more evidence of being a True Phenomenon Freak Of Nature.

    There is just no other possible explanation for how one inDUHvidual that unrelentingly stupid can breathe and make speech-like sounds at more or less the same time…